Friday, May 31, 2013

Elevator Dreams

New Fantasy Short Story - Released on 6 Jun 13

This is story about four people who gets stuck in an old elevator. The Elevator takes them to different worlds and gives them tasks to achieve. They have to demonstrate kindness, truthfulness and honesty to come back to their own worlds. The Journey involves many vanishing worlds and each world has fascinating characters and characteristics. Ishita the 10 year old child is the lead, who helps them to get back to their world.

·         Suitable for Children and readers of fantasy
·         Journey in 7 different worlds
·         Ideal short read for an hour reading

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Bhagavad Gita for Dummies

Bhagavad Gita for Dummies – A book Every Human should Read!

This Book explains Bhagavad Gita (Sacred Text) given by Supreme God as Summary in English. The Human (Arjuna) had lot of Questions to Supreme God (Krishna) and he got answers from God for all those. Most of the time to understand those complex words, people giving explanations and interpretation with someone’s life. We are also very comfortable to listen them and read them, but the moment we are back to our normal life, we forget everything. This book is written for you! Considering a common man life like yours! And how to live our life as per the Supreme God’s wordings!

What it offers to you:

>> All the 18 Chapters of Gita in Plain English
>> Interpretations with our Common life examples
>> You have funny and logical questions to god; it’s there inside this book
>> Guides you to self evaluate, are you ready for it?
>> How far you are from your God? Check here

>> For the one, who wants to practice and experience Bhagavad Gita in Life
>> For the one, who wants to understand Gita in its real essence

You too have these Views then Read this Book:
>> There can’t be multiple gods in one world
>> If my birth is given by god, then why am i not part of God
>> Science is a language to explain his creations and not a mode to reach
>> Belief and honesty can take me to my Supreme Power
>>Why don’t new Living beings born as per Darwin
>>How to see others grow in life
>>The Richest and Poorest all have Equanimity with happiness and sadness

And So on.

 Order Bhagavad Gita for practicing and experiencing it in your life

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Upcoming Writing

Story based on Fantasy world is on the conceptual stage.... expected release Jun 19th...

Questions and Answer

About the New Book "Nimmu and Missing Friend"

Tell me about "Nimmu and Missing Friend"?

This a real story and the characters were also real. The story was very simple and it happened in remote village in India. The happenings in that story were incidents happened in the real life, they have been collated and the story has been built.

Why "Nimmu and Missing Friend"?

This story is about a 11 year old boy's thinking, competitive mind set, friendship and moral values. How he struggles between different emotions and the habit of winning which we inject in our children mind, how that creates stress and what they lose in their life, by winning in something is what the moral is.

About the Editing Quality?

I normally write a book quickly and i spent time in editing, however its not something done by a peer or buddy. I have limitations in finding my own mistakes, as i live with those thoughts in mind, so many a times my mind can read those non existence words or wrongs words correctly. However this is no justification, to what you see as editing mistakes in those books. Definitely you will get the second edition as corrected ones. However the advantage is, the mean time for the story to conceptualized from my mind and it reaches you takes very short time (effort wise by 50 hrs and Schedule wise by 15 days), so if you can bear those problems, then you are getting the "Fastest and Hottest" books :)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Vishnuvarthanan Moorthy's writings

Bhagavad Gita for Dummies - Ebook and Audio Book

Bhagavad Gita:

This is a holy book of Hindu's. God has spoken to a human in a battlefield and conveyed him what is a life in this world and how to approach life. Perhaps this is the only instance where god remained as god and human remains as normal human with high emotions , and the human had Question and Answer with god, not only that in fact the human had argued with god on his point of view. God has given all the answers to human and make him understand his life in earth and asked him to perform the duty! Whereas we see many scriptures praising god or explaining god and so on, but this is one of the rarest where god remains as supreme power and from that stand, he answered human. Also the human was in toughest position in his life and going high on emotions.

What is Bhagavad Gita for Dummies?

Bhagavad Gita is something every human irrespective of religion and region can read, it has the basics of life and how to approach our life. Its very normal that we like to see example of someone when we read bhagavad gita, and that's very comfortable for us. Sometimes we are open enough to put us in evaluation when we read bhagavad gita, however we dont want to ask the toughest and  confronting questions to ourself and sometimes we think there is no answer for them may be we believe our god has no answers or his side is weak. The truth is he is always comfortable, because he is truth. Our lack of knowledge and fear to self evaluate is what causing the problem. Bhagavad Gita for Dummies is for the one, who is ready to ask questions to god and ready to confront with Bhagavad Gita.

Why its an Experience ?

The explanation and points given in this book is a trigger and nothing more than that. In every reading, its you who are going to evaluate, its you who are going to find solutions, its you who is going to cross the ocean. The almighty can only be experienced and the one who can experience is you and not me or someone, at the end of this book, you will end up with many answers or with many questions which will lead you to answers. You can read it like any other book, if you can, but it will be an experience for you. The fact is, including me, i am reading and experiencing. I never own these words and points, unless the almighty gives this , nothing is possible. Neither my age nor my experience could have contributed to write this book, i just surrender in front of him and all the points given here comes from him.

Read in 19 Minutes:

Its primarily based on Mind Traveling and many a times its common for us in try to read someone's mind, in fact most of the successful people can read the mind of others to an extend on a specific subject. However traveling from one person to another person mind is something interesting, but as of now, there are not much Research available. The other part is mind simulation or brain simulation on thoughts, which could be scientifically possible or there could be some research going on. The combination of this is "Read in 19 Minutes" .

What you like in this:

The character Nisha was challenging as it has to bring the emotions to the person at the same time, i dont want to describe her commercially. In fact someone told me, it looks like fantasy love story! It could be, unless she is someone who is important for him than himself, the story is not there and for that Nisha should be only like that! or may be i can think of her in only that way :)

Vishnuvarthanan Moorthy blogs

The bhagavad gita blog which i started writing, which turned out to be an Ebook - Bhagavad Gita for Dummies.

The blog which provides information on publishing Ebooks and Audio Books for free. Its still in developement

About Vishnuvarthanan Moorthy

Vishnuvarthanan Moorthy

I am working in an IT Company and manages a division. I am married and recently blessed with a baby boy. Writing was never a passion for me and i am always a poor writer including my school day essays! truly i am a poor reader also,very rarely i could complete a book. May be i lack in imagination power to visualize and see those words in my mind.

I turned out to be a writer ( i don't think, i am still eligible to use that word), since i had few thoughts which came in my mind and i wanted to communicate to others. Its not possible for me to connect to the world, by talking in a road from India. I need a medium to communicate. What i am communicating is truly has a base on Indian culture, because that's where i am from, and i have spent 33 years here! I am not going to change my communication style to suit others, because that will in fact impact the identity also.

Reading is an activity which makes us imagine and being creative! Considering that, i believe that my readers are smart and in fact they fill the untold words, they fill the untold pages in their imagination! Hence i will write what pages was truthful to my thinking, and really not bother about the grammar and language, as English is not my native language. But the thoughts and imagination are from me. 

I have one advantage, that i rarely read books of international authors, its my weakness , but positively there are less chance of copying or using or following someone style. In fact i dont have any style as of now!

I never want to write to impress anyone, not to earn money with books! i don't have a proof reader and i don't have anyone to guide also, so my thoughts as natural as it is my books , except few difficulties for readers :) 

My average time spent to write a book is 40 hrs, including cover making and publishing. I am honest with you! It doesn't mean the thoughts are not there, unless i have a thought, i will never start a book! I am not bothered about the critics, and rarely i am going to change much based on it, but knowing the views and recognizing it in mind is  important, so i will read them :)

I will write from a common man point of view and it will definitely have Indian flavor, but above all it will be closer to truth. Also expect the least on hi fi languages!