Sunday, June 23, 2013

CMMI Implementation Guide

CMMI Implementation Guide Released

The Book details on how to approach CMMI Implementation in an organization. It details out the various phases involved in CMMI Implementation and how to plan and execute them. It details on various aspects which we tend to overlook in CMMI Implementation.

Who Should Read?
·         Organization looking forward to implement CMMI
·         Top Management person, trying to understand how to go about
·         SEPG, Program manager and Process Quality members
·         Anyone who is interested in understanding the Implementation of CMMI

Why to Read?
·         To get complete End to End understanding on CMMI Implementation Lifecycle
·         Plan your budget, effort and resources for the program
·         Set your expectations clear on CMMI Implementation
·         Be aware of the different aspects in Implementation

How it’s different:
·         Written from practitioners’ point of view
·         Communicates the reality in practical implementation

Word of Caution:

·         The book contains only samples and typical examples and they are not comprehensive and to be verified and validated on a particular context for applicability

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  1. NIce book... with simple narration with practical knowledge...It would be a good reference for anyone in the CMMI implementation journey... Thanks