Friday, June 12, 2015

CMMI High Maturity Hand Book!

CMMI High Maturity Handbook!

First Book to explain the practices from implementation point of view!

Save huge money from rework and additional consulting - Perform  better in High Maturity!

CMMI High Maturity is something every software organization is interested in! Attaining Maturity Level 5 rating means world class processes in place in that organization. Thought its everyone’s interest, there is less details available in the world on how to practically implement CMMI ML5 and how to interpret the High Maturity practices. This book is an attempt to decode the high maturity practices with clear sample cases for all the High maturity process areas, there by connecting the dots of Implementation. This book explains the practicality of implementation of CMMI ML5 and has given specific guidance in many cases. Obviously it is not the whole of CMMI or the whole of everything, however may be this is the only book which offers highest possible insight in CMMI High Maturity Implementation. 
What it offers:
• Complete guide as an End to End CMMI High Maturity Implementation
• Practical interpretation of CMMI Practices
• Sample cases covering CMMI Dev and CMMI SVC Models v1.3
• Basic Statistical Concepts Required for Implementing High Maturity
• Clarity in definition and difference between important terms
• Connects the Entire High Maturity process areas
• Implementer’s guide book offering relevant tips
• Breaks the Myths behind High Maturity
• High Maturity Understanding for Everyone 
What it is not:
• Alternate to CMMI Model or describes all possible scenario of Implementing CMMI
• Statistics Book
Targeted Audience
• CMMI Implementation Teams
• CMMI Consultants
• Quality Assurance Professionals
• Software industry Professionals
• Senior Management of Organizations, aspiring CMMI ML5 Journey
• Anyone interested in CMMI or In Process Improvement Models

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Friday, August 9, 2013

New Blog- Bhagavad Gita for Dummies in Tamil

Dear All,

As many of you has requested to make the book "Bhagavad Gita for Dummies" in tamil, I am starting this journey with the new blog ,

This will have all the contents of Bhagavad Gita for Dummies in Tamil. May god bless me to complete this journey.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Last Release!

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Software Quality Assurance is a specialized activity and it contributes in building capable processes in organization. This book details the different knowledge areas and provides practical insight which is required for software quality analyst to quickly grasp and start being productive within days, and contributes to build such capable processes. This book details the basics of quality assurance, relevant techniques and methods used in quality assurance.
What is in there?
·         A quick description of various knowledge areas in software quality assurance
·         Frequently used tools and techniques in Software quality assurance
·         Sample cases to understand the concepts

Why this book?
·         A simple ready recknor for SQA
·         Mix of pragmatic and theoretical elaborations
·         Industry specific and current needs of Industry is taken care
·         Short book for quick read
Who should read?
·         People who are interested in making a career in software quality assurance
·         Who are interested in understanding Quality assurance

·         Who are leading an organization and wants to set up the Quality assurance function

Sunday, June 23, 2013

CMMI Implementation Guide

CMMI Implementation Guide Released

The Book details on how to approach CMMI Implementation in an organization. It details out the various phases involved in CMMI Implementation and how to plan and execute them. It details on various aspects which we tend to overlook in CMMI Implementation.

Who Should Read?
·         Organization looking forward to implement CMMI
·         Top Management person, trying to understand how to go about
·         SEPG, Program manager and Process Quality members
·         Anyone who is interested in understanding the Implementation of CMMI

Why to Read?
·         To get complete End to End understanding on CMMI Implementation Lifecycle
·         Plan your budget, effort and resources for the program
·         Set your expectations clear on CMMI Implementation
·         Be aware of the different aspects in Implementation

How it’s different:
·         Written from practitioners’ point of view
·         Communicates the reality in practical implementation

Word of Caution:

·         The book contains only samples and typical examples and they are not comprehensive and to be verified and validated on a particular context for applicability

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Quote for Anyone and Everyone!

I am even confident about my enemy, on what he is! So there is no question on confidence on my friends and my people!

When you kept confidence on someone, never let it go, even if you see them doing a murder, don't believe your eye, just believe their word! That's called belief and Confidence , that can only help you to win them forever !

Friday, May 31, 2013

Elevator Dreams

New Fantasy Short Story - Released on 6 Jun 13

This is story about four people who gets stuck in an old elevator. The Elevator takes them to different worlds and gives them tasks to achieve. They have to demonstrate kindness, truthfulness and honesty to come back to their own worlds. The Journey involves many vanishing worlds and each world has fascinating characters and characteristics. Ishita the 10 year old child is the lead, who helps them to get back to their world.

·         Suitable for Children and readers of fantasy
·         Journey in 7 different worlds
·         Ideal short read for an hour reading

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