Friday, June 12, 2015

CMMI High Maturity Hand Book!

CMMI High Maturity Handbook!

First Book to explain the practices from implementation point of view!

Save huge money from rework and additional consulting - Perform  better in High Maturity!

CMMI High Maturity is something every software organization is interested in! Attaining Maturity Level 5 rating means world class processes in place in that organization. Thought its everyone’s interest, there is less details available in the world on how to practically implement CMMI ML5 and how to interpret the High Maturity practices. This book is an attempt to decode the high maturity practices with clear sample cases for all the High maturity process areas, there by connecting the dots of Implementation. This book explains the practicality of implementation of CMMI ML5 and has given specific guidance in many cases. Obviously it is not the whole of CMMI or the whole of everything, however may be this is the only book which offers highest possible insight in CMMI High Maturity Implementation. 
What it offers:
• Complete guide as an End to End CMMI High Maturity Implementation
• Practical interpretation of CMMI Practices
• Sample cases covering CMMI Dev and CMMI SVC Models v1.3
• Basic Statistical Concepts Required for Implementing High Maturity
• Clarity in definition and difference between important terms
• Connects the Entire High Maturity process areas
• Implementer’s guide book offering relevant tips
• Breaks the Myths behind High Maturity
• High Maturity Understanding for Everyone 
What it is not:
• Alternate to CMMI Model or describes all possible scenario of Implementing CMMI
• Statistics Book
Targeted Audience
• CMMI Implementation Teams
• CMMI Consultants
• Quality Assurance Professionals
• Software industry Professionals
• Senior Management of Organizations, aspiring CMMI ML5 Journey
• Anyone interested in CMMI or In Process Improvement Models

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