Thursday, May 16, 2013

About Vishnuvarthanan Moorthy

Vishnuvarthanan Moorthy

I am working in an IT Company and manages a division. I am married and recently blessed with a baby boy. Writing was never a passion for me and i am always a poor writer including my school day essays! truly i am a poor reader also,very rarely i could complete a book. May be i lack in imagination power to visualize and see those words in my mind.

I turned out to be a writer ( i don't think, i am still eligible to use that word), since i had few thoughts which came in my mind and i wanted to communicate to others. Its not possible for me to connect to the world, by talking in a road from India. I need a medium to communicate. What i am communicating is truly has a base on Indian culture, because that's where i am from, and i have spent 33 years here! I am not going to change my communication style to suit others, because that will in fact impact the identity also.

Reading is an activity which makes us imagine and being creative! Considering that, i believe that my readers are smart and in fact they fill the untold words, they fill the untold pages in their imagination! Hence i will write what pages was truthful to my thinking, and really not bother about the grammar and language, as English is not my native language. But the thoughts and imagination are from me. 

I have one advantage, that i rarely read books of international authors, its my weakness , but positively there are less chance of copying or using or following someone style. In fact i dont have any style as of now!

I never want to write to impress anyone, not to earn money with books! i don't have a proof reader and i don't have anyone to guide also, so my thoughts as natural as it is my books , except few difficulties for readers :) 

My average time spent to write a book is 40 hrs, including cover making and publishing. I am honest with you! It doesn't mean the thoughts are not there, unless i have a thought, i will never start a book! I am not bothered about the critics, and rarely i am going to change much based on it, but knowing the views and recognizing it in mind is  important, so i will read them :)

I will write from a common man point of view and it will definitely have Indian flavor, but above all it will be closer to truth. Also expect the least on hi fi languages!

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