Saturday, May 25, 2013

Questions and Answer

About the New Book "Nimmu and Missing Friend"

Tell me about "Nimmu and Missing Friend"?

This a real story and the characters were also real. The story was very simple and it happened in remote village in India. The happenings in that story were incidents happened in the real life, they have been collated and the story has been built.

Why "Nimmu and Missing Friend"?

This story is about a 11 year old boy's thinking, competitive mind set, friendship and moral values. How he struggles between different emotions and the habit of winning which we inject in our children mind, how that creates stress and what they lose in their life, by winning in something is what the moral is.

About the Editing Quality?

I normally write a book quickly and i spent time in editing, however its not something done by a peer or buddy. I have limitations in finding my own mistakes, as i live with those thoughts in mind, so many a times my mind can read those non existence words or wrongs words correctly. However this is no justification, to what you see as editing mistakes in those books. Definitely you will get the second edition as corrected ones. However the advantage is, the mean time for the story to conceptualized from my mind and it reaches you takes very short time (effort wise by 50 hrs and Schedule wise by 15 days), so if you can bear those problems, then you are getting the "Fastest and Hottest" books :)

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